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Helping people live a healthy life!


Our Mission is simple, to help people live a healthy life, by providing free health checks from our network of SiSU Health Stations and our range of online tools and coaching programs.

SiSU Health Stations are designed to be easy to use.


From the moment you sit down and begin your Health Check, SiSU walks you through each test offered. Log in to the SiSU Portal to easily access your results and track your changes.

Looking to improve employee health and wellbeing?


SiSU Health is here to help your business achieve these goals. Employee productivity has been shown to fall with poor health and stressful conditions. Corporate Health Programs are the key to improving productivity, engagement, morale, absenteeism and retention.

Own your health with SiSU Health.


We provide you with the resources so you can measure, track and improve your health. A simple way to understand your health and receive guidance and support along your journey to better health management.

Template Measure your health Understand your health in 4 minutes using our innovative SiSU Health Station. Track your
Follow your progress in the SiSU Portal.
Improve your health Utilise our dynamic support tools:
7-Day Meal Planner
7-Day Activity Planner
12-Week Lifestyle Programs
Find a SiSU Health Station Find your nearest station and get ready to Measure. Track. Improve.

“Together we are making a positive and powerful change in our community”.