Workplace Health and Wellbeing


The evidence is overwhelmingly clear – healthy, happy people perform better at work.

SiSU Health’s Workplace Health and Wellbeing Platform is trusted and loved by many of the world’s most successful companies to enable their employees to better understand, actively improve and “own their health”.


If you’d like to partner with us, or learn more about how our leading platform can help your most important asset bring their healthiest selves to work, contact us today.

Our approach to workplace health and wellbeing is distinguished by a unique combination of features and strengths:

How to find the right employee health program

Health Metrics That Matter


The SiSU Health Platform uses evidence-based surveys and programs with a focus on the “health metrics that matter”. Our ISO 13485 medically certified SiSU Health Station™ provides accurate, bias-free snapshots of employee health and definitive measurement of progress over time.

Best-in-Class Reporting and Analytics


Using de-identified data, SiSU Health’s Workplace Health Analytics service is world-leading and provides comprehensive, actionable insights about the health and relative health of workers, over time. The service includes unique and proprietary analytics such as Longitundinal Impact Analysis™, Global Industry Health Benchmarking™ and Productivity.

Trust, Accessibility & Convenience


High participation and satisfaction rates are the tell-tale signs of a trusted and effective workplace health and wellbeing program. SiSU Health’s platform delivers high accessibility, convenience and trust for workers of across all types of industries and is evidenced by outstanding participation rates and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +63.

Continuous Innovation


Continuous innovation is a key pillar supporting SiSU Health’s mission and vision. We maintain close, ongoing strategic Research & Development partnerships with leading University partners to validate the efficacy of our platform and to develop new products and services such as the SiSU Mini™ and new Mental Health screening and engagement tools.

Commonwealth Bank and CBHS Health Hubs

A benchmark for workplace health & wellbeing programs.

Health Hubs are a joint initiative between Commonwealth Bank and CBHS to empower staff and provide them with easy access to health checks and onsite technology, coaching and information to allow them to manage and improve their health.  With a focus on access, high participation and measurable results, Health Hubs are a benchmark for workplace health and wellbeing programs. The SiSU Health Station is a central component of the Hub on which more than 15,000 staff have completed 40,000 health checks.