Workplace Health and Wellbeing


The evidence is overwhelmingly clear – healthy, happy people perform better at work.

SiSU Health’s Workplace Health and Wellbeing Platform is used by many of the world’s most successful companies.


If you’d like to partner with us, or learn more about how our leading platform can help your workforce bring their healthiest selves to work, contact us today.

Our approach to workplace health is distinguished by a unique combination of strengths:

How to find the right employee health program

Metrics That Matter


A focus on “health metrics that matter” and calculable long term impact – leveraging the advantages of machine measurement.

Best In Class Reporting and Analytics


Detailed workplace health reporting and insights including Longitudinal Health Impact and Global Industry Benchmarking.

Convenient and Accessible


High accessibility and convenience for all workers delivers outstanding participation rates and satisfaction Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Continuous Innovation


Ongoing strategic Research & Development with leading University partners to develop the SiSU Mini and new Mental Health screening and engagement tools.