SiSU Health Group has officially completed 3 million Health Checks!

Making waves in community health with a global movement of members that are owning their health.

Since its inception in 2013, SiSU Health Group’s CEO and Founder, Dr Noel Duncan, had the vision to create a happier, healthier world. Today we are excited to announce we have officially reached a milestone of 3 million SiSU Health Checks across the globe, highlighting an ever-growing movement of individuals wanting to take control of their health.

Our flagship product, the intuitive SiSU Health Station, enables individuals to measure their biometrics, track the warning signs of disease, and improve their health. Medically certified to meet international standard ISO 13485:2016, the much loved SiSU Health Station provides a free, easy to use, and accessible solution for the community to own their health.

Dr Duncan said that while today’s generation of men and women may be living longer, the reality is that half the population would live with at least one chronic condition. At SiSU Health Group’s core is a passion for an upstream approach to chronic illness, individual empowerment, and an emphasis on health management across a myriad of sectors.

“The implications of chronic disease – at an individual, healthcare system and societal level – are huge, yet most people would be shocked to learn that at least one-third of chronic diseases are preventable.

The SiSU Community has quickly grown to a loyal member base of individuals who are proactive in managing their health; staying informed regarding biometric measurements and long-term monitoring and improvement. The SiSU experience allows people to measure their health on a SiSU Health Station, and track and improve their results online via the SiSU Portal. The SiSU Portal provides a convenient tool for members to monitor their health as well as a personalised support system to improve their health.

“We are always looking at new ways to innovate and improve the health of the community. We work with retailers, corporates and healthcare bodies to ensure SiSU Health Stations are accessible to everyone wanting to take the step in owning their health” explains Dr Duncan.

SiSU Health Group has partnered with over 507 organisations, across 57 different industries, encouraging employees to get involved in their health. We are proud to partner with businesses of all sizes to promote health and wellness within working environments, currently completing 428,397 SiSU Health Checks in corporate environments. SiSU Health Group enables companies all around the globe to encourage employee health; reducing risk factors and increasing workplace productivity.

This milestone highlights the positive impact SiSU Health Group is having on community health, marking a pivotal shift of individuals empowering themselves to take control and own their health.

To join the SiSU Movement, or for more information on partnering with us, contact us here.