Introducing our new brand and name, SiSU Health Group.

Introducing our refreshed new brand and name, SiSU Health Group.

SiSU Health Group is excited to announce the launch of our refreshed look and trading name.

Founded in 2013, SiSU Wellness has grown to complete almost 3 million Health Checks globally. We are passionate about health, actively working to empower workplaces and the community with accessible and affordable tools to measure, track and improve their health. As we continue to grow, we wanted our brand to best reflect what we do, our values and the direction we are heading.



Our market research confirmed that evolving the look and feel of the company was the appropriate step for us. We wanted to reflect our evidence-based health metrics, providing a fully accredited and trustworthy approach to health management. We are committed to advocating population health management through our global network of free, self-serve SiSU Health Stations and our vision is that a SiSU Health Station will be located within 5km of every person living in Australia, New Zealand and across Europe.

This re-brand marks a strategic pivot in our future direction as community health leaders. While our commitment to wellness remains unchanged, aligning our brand to reflect the substantial health backing we have felt like a natural step for us as we continue to grow.

Thank you to all our corporate and retail partners and individuals who use SiSU Health Stations and for inspiring this important change.

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About SiSU Health

Our mission is to help every single person become their best self and live better. We provide you with the resources so you can measure, track and improve your health. SiSU Health aims to help ease the effects of lifestyle-related diseases on our global healthcare systems, offering an affordable and accessible platform to empower people to live healthier lives.

To learn more about working with us, contact us today, or to find your nearest SiSU Health Station, click here.