5 ways to reduce lockdown stress

Living in lockdown, or with social restrictions, is tough for everyone, that’s why we’ve made this newsletter’s top tips article all about staying mentally and physically healthy. We hope they help…

1. Stay in touch with loved ones

It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re restricted from socialising with loved ones, so make sure you stay in touch with those who matter as much as you would if you were outside. A five-minute call with your best friend or a large family quiz night via zoom can really lift your spirit!

2. Explore home exercises

Physical exercise is proven to reduce stress and thanks to the internet there’s endless home workouts at your fingertips (we’ve even included on at the end of this month’s newsletter), they can help keep your fitness and overall health up. Plus, exercise is a great way of releasing endorphins to make you feel happy.

3. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you retain focus throughout the day and teaches you techniques to combat negative or difficult thoughts and feelings associated with stress and anxiety. Sometimes a few minutes to disengage, relax and refocus can make all the difference in your day.

4. Keep meals healthy

Treats in the kitchen cupboards can seem the ideal way to cheer yourself up when stuck inside, however a sugar rush can leave you feeling worse in the long run. Try and keep meals healthy so that your physical health doesn’t suffer.

5. Make time for healthy stress management

Make sure you give yourself time to focus on healthy stress management especially if stress is something you’re experiencing. Our free 12-week Stress Resilience program is available for free to all our members.