4 ways to reduce stress workplace stress

For many of us returning to the workplace following a life of lockdown is just a short timeframe away, or for some working in the office has already resumed. However, working in a workplace environment can bring its fair share of stresses, so here’s some helpful top tips to help reduce stress in the workplace…

1. Make time for healthy stress management

Make sure that when returning to work you give yourself time to focus on healthy stress management. Check out our free 12-week Stress Resilience program.

 2. Set clear objectives and goals

Set clear objectives, this way you don’t have to question why they are doing something. Clear goals will give you focus and give your working days a sense of purpose and clarity.

3. Make time for exercise

Physical exercise is proven to reduce stress. Simple activities like walking meetings or opting for the stairs over the elevator can help Taking time away from a stressful situation, even if the break is only brief, can help you feel more relaxed when returning to your desks.

4. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you retain focus throughout the day and teaches you techniques to combat negative or difficult thoughts and feelings associated with stress and anxiety. Sometimes a few minutes to disengage, relax and refocus can make all the difference in your day.