How to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace

Flexible work hours are slowly becoming more common but nevertheless, keeping physically active while balancing a job remains a challenge.

Your business can make a positive impact on the health of employees, by encouraging them to look after themselves physically.

Challenges to Physical Fitness at Work

Jobs across all industries require different things from people. Some jobs may require physical labour, this can be good to an extent, but it can lead to injuries and muscle strains. Other jobs that are not so labour intensive, like an office job may restrict a person’s ability to physically get up and move. Limiting access to solely desk time and not breaking the cycle where possible can lead to posture issues and further deterioration in physical health.

Importance of Physical Fitness at Work

The health of your workforce is essential to the success of your business. If your staff suffer from poor health, your productivity decreases and ultimately absenteeism increases which is what management need to try and avoid. All of this can also lead to retention strains if workers are forced to leave due to ill health.

A business who looks after the health of their employees manages the risks that ill health can bring, maintaining their relationship with their employees and ultimately improving productivity, output and absenteeism.

How Your Business Can Help

Motivating your staff to get involved in their health is the best thing a workplace can do. There are a number of ways you can do this:

Weekly Running and Walking Clubs

Hosting and encouraging lunchtime or even pre or post work running and walking clubs are a great way to get your employees engaged in physical activity. Encouraging staff to prioritise physical activity shows you have an interest in the wellbeing of your staff.

It can also be an opportunity to pair these activities with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. This is an opportunity for staff to train for a Charity event and participate on behalf of the workplace, or an initiative to get your staff out there for the benefit of a charity and not just for themselves. This can raise self satisfaction and an opportunity for your staff to set a personal goal.

Fresh Fruit

Complimentary coffee and tea are always welcomed in the workplace, but providing free fresh fruit is not only a great benefit to your employees, but also another example of the workplace encouraging conscious, healthy choices.

By swapping sugary, processed snacks for fresh fruit, you’re setting a great example for your employees.

Desk Makeovers

Did you know ergonomic office makeovers can boost physical health?

Standing desks can improve staff posture, preventing RSI, back pain and other injuries. Desk bikes, under-desk stair steppers or arm exercises are just some of the ergonomic desk tools that are on offer to combat staff fatigue and poor physical health.

SiSU Wellness Engagement

Keeping active and eating well doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. When staff do not look after their health and wellbeing, businesses pay the price is lost productivity and absenteeism.

SiSU Wellness can provide your business with a SiSU Health Station allowing staff to quickly and effectively measure their health in 4-minutes. A Health Check measures your blood pressure, BMI, body composition, heart rate, heart age, and stress levels.

Everyone who completes a Health Check will receive their results, and gain access to our programs and partner offers. We offer a weight-loss program, stress resilience program, better sleep program and a healthy ageing program. We also have activity and meal planners and offer workplace challenges to help kick start your staff’s interest in their health.

Our programs are proven to reduce loss of productivity and absenteeism across 25 industries. If you would like more information on what we could do for your workplace contact us at