SiSU Mini™

Bringing mobile Health Checks direct to you!

At SiSU Health, we’re focused upon providing the highest quality health solutions to as many people as possible.


Our flagship SiSU Health Station™ has been an extraordinary success, which is why we now also offer the SiSU Mini™; a device that takes all the features of the SiSU Health Station™ and places them into a more compact unit.


The SiSU Mini™ is a medical-grade device that is easy to transport, can be set up within seconds and provides a full and highly accurate health check in 5 minutes. The health check measures:


• Blood Pressure
• Heart Rate
• Height
• Body Composition
• A range of additional tests coming soon e.g. Atrial Fibrillation, HRV, Diabetes Risk, SPO2

SiSU Mini™ is ideal for:

Small-Medium Workplaces


Lower shipping and installation costs make the SiSU Mini™ a more accessible and cost-effective alternative for small to medium enterprises.

GP Clinics


SiSU Mini™ installations at GP clinics can facilitate pre-appointment biometrics assessments for its patients, removing the overhead for the GP to take measurements during the consultation time.

Pharmacy Consultations


The SiSU Mini™ is perfectly designed to be situated in a pharmacy consultation room where privacy is required. This environment can also facilitate telehealth consultations whereby a doctor can review the user’s biometric results as part of the consultation.

Health Events and Roadshows


The portability of the SiSU Mini™ makes it an ideal initiative for pop-up health activations, sporting events, rural and remote local health initiatives.

SiSU Mini™ is a joint project between SiSU Health Group and Swinburne University’s Centre for Design Innovation.