Meet our SiSU Heroes

“Checking how my health is going each month gives me the motivation to stay on top of my weight and to stay healthy. I train each day mostly walking at a comfortable pace of about 8.30 min per k. SiSU Health has been a fantastic motivator for me to stay active and to improve my health”



“It’s helped me keep an accurate record of my health that I can easily track and compare results to. I saw my weight go up when I was pregnant and it has now started to decline finally. The information provided is both interesting and easy to comprehend making it easier for me to make healthy choices.”



“I have always suffered from low blood pressure and the SiSU Health Station has helped me keep track of it easily. It’s not always possible for me to check my blood pressure by myself but with SiSU Health I can easily keep track of it which helps me to stay healthy and fit everyday. Thank you SiSU Health, it’s all very helpful.”



“I love using the SiSU Health Station! No long waits at the doctor’s office – just a quick, free and convenient way to check my health regularly. I also love that it’s medically certified, so I know I can trust the information given to me. 10/10 would recommend!”



“SiSU has helped me tremendously on my journey to taking better care of myself. The extensive measurements and results are really motivating and a good reminder that by eating well and exercising it’s not just the scales that are affected. Seeing my heart age drop and my vitals enter into healthier brackets has given me the drive I need to stick with this healthy lifestyle change. I really look forward to my once a fortnight weigh in – it’s my weekend highlight!”



“SiSU Wellness has been beneficial for me in many ways. I have been able to utilise the SiSU Health Station and get an accurate health report. I have completed the questionnaire regarding my lifestyle due to which I have been able to read great articles on the SiSU website regarding health, fitness, nutrition”



“As a regular user of the SiSU Health Station it’s made me more aware of the need to look after my health a lot more, and just take it for granted. I can see improvement in my health when reflecting back on the Health Tracker results history over the past 3 years, which I regularly discuss with my GP, however there’s definitely room for further improvement, which only I can make that difference.”



“Since my first time on the Station in September 2018 I was shocked not only on how much I weighed but how old my heart was once everything was put into the SiSU Health Station. Every week since then I’ve been going down to keep track of my weight etc and can say I’ve lost over 21kg now and I’ve got more to go, so thanks SiSU Wellness you have helped me so much!”



“I discovered SiSU in July 2018. At first, it was out of curiosity to see where my health was sitting – I found it less intimidating than sitting in a Doctor’s office. But I forgot about it. 6 months later and I use it several times a week, to monitor my blood pressure, my weight my BMI and many other health factors. It’s quick, easy and effective, and helps me control my health and wellbeing. But there’s an additional bonus – SiSU sends me regular articles about exercise, diet and wellbeing which complements my personal goals. I really love SiSU and love to see my progress.”



“SiSU has made it really easy for me to see where I’m at with my health, which made me realise that changes had to happen. Each time I go back to check my results I see them drastically improve and that is a big motivator for me to continue on this journey, where I would normally give up. It’s very inspiring! Before I started using the SiSU I was 72 kg and was starting to lose weight, but wasn’t really motivated. When I saw for the first time on the SiSU that I was 68kg it pushed me to keep going. I now weigh 59kg and still going strong! Thanks SiSU for such an easy and simple way to understand myself.”



“Growing up and struggling for many years with an eating disorder, I ditched my bathroom scales to remove the constant addition to weighing myself. SiSU Health allows me to monitor my body while living and maintaining a normal healthy lifestyle”



“I have used the one at our local Priceline Pharmacy since early 2017. My complex health issues are managed better by having a long term health record for the consultants to view annually. I find it useful to reflect on weight management as well as long term. Simple, easy to use, and another way to be proactive in improving my health. PS I used it when a medication affected me adversely (low heart rate) and I stopped it immediately as I couldn’t access my GP for several days.”