Our COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic presents a once-in-a-century challenge to population health. Never in all of human history have so many people been asked to practise good personal preventive health.


As leaders in preventive health and principles of self-care, SiSU Health has proactively undertaken a series of initiatives to help in the fight against COVID-19.

SiSU Health Station initiatives


  • Installing alcohol-based hand sanitiser on all SiSU Health Stations
  • Working closely with workplace and retail partners to ensure regular cleaning and sanitisation of all SiSU Health Stations
  • Prominent top-screen public health messaging which encourages good hand hygiene and social distancing practices

Needs, Health & Wellbeing Survey


In early April 2020, we launched our Needs, Health & Wellbeing Survey to allow our members to anonymously gauge their wellbeing as COVID-19 lockdowns commenced across the globe.


Our intent was to not only capture the magnitude of community concerns and uncertainties, but most importantly guide survey participants to official, reputable information and resources to provide further information about their specific COVID-19 concerns, such as unemployment, illness, and children’s education.


Of the 2,800+ survey responses from Australia and the UK, an alarming inter-generational gap was observed between between the practices of younger people and the perception of risk by older people.


An interactive report of our findings is presented below: