Drive engagement.

SiSU for retail and healthcare environments.

The SiSU Health Station helps to drive foot traffic and engagement in retail environments, while providing a medically certified solution for measuring health biometrics in healthcare environments.

Encourage the community to get involved.

Offer an immersive experience to retail environments and support the community to own their health. The SiSU Health Station drives foot traffic, customer satisfaction and return store visits, while providing retailers a unique opportunity to communicate and engage customers.

An immersive experience with multiple touchpoints.

SiSU Health offers advertising capabilities throughout the seamless SiSU experience. Communicate to your audience in-store via the SiSU Health Station, or throughout the SiSU Portal.

Medically certified to support health professionals.

The SiSU Health Station offers medically trusted biometric measurement to empower healthcare professionals in tending to patients across aged care, general practices, specialist centres and more.