SiSU Health Success

Case Study: Jemena report healthier workforce after introducing SiSU Health Stations


While the ethical value of investing in staff welfare is widely recognised, more and more studies are proving the commercial benefits too. Introducing employee health schemes has a profound impact across a range of business-critical issues, such as staff retention and reputation.


Energy operator Jemena shared its successes in improving staff health for Safe Work Month 2018. In the space of just six months, since installing SiSU Health Stations across seven sites in Australia, Jemena reported significant improvements in employee wellbeing, including a huge jump in the numbers of staff recording an optimal or normal blood pressure – from a 65% to 81%.


Heather Bathe, Senior Health & Wellbeing Analyst for Jemena said “Jemena has shown great progress in improving our team’s health and wellbeing over the past six months thanks to SiSU Wellness. We have seen the average health risk-per-person reduce by 11%, saving us $490 per person in lost productivity.


“The number of staff who smoke has reduced and as a company, we have lost over 250kg in weight. SiSU Wellness has enabled us to engage our employees’ in their health, which is not only beneficial for them as individuals, but also for us as a business to support happy and healthier employees.”


SiSU Health Stations enable users to quickly and accurately check their body weight, heart age, body fat percentage, blood pressure and other measures at no cost. Through corporate partnerships, an increasing number of businesses are introducing SiSU Health Stations to their workplaces Australia wide, which offer frequent and accurate health checks.