SiSU Health’s Head of Technology features on AWS panel discussing future-proofing your business

The pandemic taught us that the future is unpredictable. Many businesses faced challenges throughout the pandemic, an unexpected and trying time for most, if not all businesses. Challenges in business arise both internally and externally, while there’s no solution to avoid or mitigate these completely, companies can make preparations, this concept is called ‘future-proofing’.

In this SmartCompany webinar with AWS, our Head of Technology, Brett Gullan, speaks on this topic with host David Adams, and is joined on the panel by David Gibb, Head of Cloud Economics, Amazon Web Services; Joel Kleber, CMO/CDO, Jim’s Group; and Juhi Kapur, Head of Migration and Modernisation, Amazon Web Services.

The panel discuss what future-proofing your business means, what the benefits are and how to start while sharing strategies for responding to a changing business environment.