SiSU Health Group passes the four million health check milestone and sees a step change in demand for digital health in a post-COVID world

Melbourne, Australia

SISU Health Group (SHG) is proud to announce that its SiSU Health StationTM recently delivered its four millionth health check, as the company is seeing accelerating demand for effective, evidence-based digital health services.

The four millionth check was undertaken by a middle-aged individual at a Priceline Pharmacy in Tasmania and was their twenty-fifth check over a five-year period, punctuated by a global health pandemic.

“Whilst this is a remarkable achievement for SiSU and its partners, the key takeaway is that this is only possible because of the high accessibility, trust and love that people from diverse backgrounds have for the SiSU Health station,” said Noel Duncan (PhD), Founder of SiSU Health.

“The individual who did that four millionth digital health check is an everyday hero and exemplar of where healthcare must head – with people taking pro-active, lifelong ownership of their health, supported by effective tools and ownership of their data.” Mr. Duncan added.

The four millionth check on the SiSU Health StationTM headlines a remarkable story for the self-service, Class IIa medical device which is manufactured by SiSU Health Group in Melbourne, Australia.  To date, more than 1.5 million individuals have used the station across a broad range of public, retail, healthcare and workplace settings in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and Germany.

Equity of access, trust, and personalised empowerment are core pillars of SiSU Health Group’s approach to health with high levels of use and engagement from cohorts of lower socio-economic advantage and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

“When I see how the station is being used by less advantaged people who don’t typically engage with their health or have access to services, I know we are onto something profoundly important.” said Mr. Duncan.

In Australia, the SiSU Health Station has provided more than 43,000 free health checks to more than 26,000 people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. In the UK, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups using the station record some of SHG’s highest satisfaction scores.

SiSU Health Group is experiencing a significant increase in demand for its digital health platform in a post-COVID world.  Employers and governments are seeking to re-engage and improve the physical and mental health of people, which SHG data shows has deteriorated across every health metric during the COVID period.

“As confronting as the pandemic has been for individuals, businesses and healthcare systems, it has also confirmed the central importance of population and preventive health. The need to push effective, scalable health and self-care services out to the people to relieve the downstream bottlenecks has never been more obvious and urgent,” said Dr. Duncan.

As demand increases, SiSU Health Group is expanding its offering in the second half of 2022 with the introduction of the small form-factor SiSU MiniTM health station, a range of new premium subscription services and a new mobile app.


About SiSU Health Group

SiSU Health Group is a digital health technology company with a mission to help people live healthy lives.

More than 1.5 million individuals have completed 4 million health checks on the SiSU Health StationTM, a self-service, Class IIa medical device, manufactured by SiSU Health Group at its Melbourne headquarters.

The company operates in Australia, the UK and Europe partnering with leading retail, corporate, health and insurance partners.