Meditation 101

Stress can be an ever present figure in our lives, often creeping and crawling around. It’s a big part of how we get things done in the 21st century, under pressure and at times tense.

Sadly, most of us can only pencil in about ten minutes of “de-stressing time” into our already overloaded calendar. Meditation is a time efficient way to deal with the daily trials and tribulations both at home and at work.

Here are four useful tips for meditation newbies: 

Tip 1

Make sure you pinpoint the purpose of your session. The more focused you are, the less room your mind has to wander. If not, you will just sit there, thinking about trying to think about nothing, if that makes sense.


Tip 2

Be still, this isn’t something you can do while multitasking. Put everything else aside and focus on being in the here and now. Turn off all electronics, especially those that ring and buzz.


Tip 3

Just because you tell your mind to take five,  doesn’t mean it will relax. Start with things you can control, beginning with deep breaths to slow your heart rate.  Make yourself comfortable, put on loose clothing and find a quiet spot for your meditation session.


Tip 4

Don’t get frustrated the first few times you try meditation.. Meditation isn’t magic. It will take hard work, however, it will get easier if practiced regularly.

Ohm away and remember, meditation is the best medication.


Written by Ruth Tongue
(MSc Nutrition)