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Can you remember when you last had your blood pressure checked?

High blood pressure (hypertension) isn’t something that just older or overweight people need to worry about. In fact, one in three people worldwide have hypertension and it can affect all ages, and sizes.

The top risk factors of hypertension are: smoking and alcohol, lack of exercise, a diet high in salt and fat, stress. Family history can also send blood pressure soaring.

The International Society for Hypertension quote a ‘rule of halves’ when it comes to high blood pressure – they say that only half of people with the condition have been diagnosed, only half of these people will have been treated, and only half of these people have been adequately treated to a normal blood pressure.

Why not find your nearest SiSU Health Station for a 4 minute Health Check which includes your blood pressure, or book in with your nurse or GP and get yours checked out. And think about how many of your risk factors you could start changing today.

Written by Dr. Noel Duncan