Men are dying from broken hearts

Men are a massive 60% more likely than women to die prematurely from heart disease. The preventable risk factors for heart disease are well known, so why is this the case?

It’s time to face up to the heart-health facts. 20,850 of men die from heart disease before there’re 75; the figure for women is just under 7,500. Moreover, men in the 35 – 64 age group are about four times more likely than women to die from heart disease.

Wake up call

Regular exercise and eating the right kind of foods come second only to not smoking at the top of the heart-healthy and risk-reducing priorities you can act on for the better.

Risk factors

It’s no surprise that being overweight (Body Mass Index of 25 or more), having high blood pressure and / or diabetes are all major, preventable heart-risk factors and are all much more common in men than to women? High blood cholesterol and, of course, a sedentary lifestyle spell danger, too, and are generally, though not necessarily, linked with being overweight. So, men, consider the risks and take care of your ticker.

Written by Dr. Noel Duncan