Healthy Workforce


The most successful health and wellbeing solutions, with scientifically proven outcomes!

“Healthy Workforce” by SiSU Health, is a complete health and wellbeing solution, designed to engage and support your people to reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness, and benefit your bottom line.

“Healthy Workforce” offers a low cost, whole of workforce solution, accessible to all, with multiple, machine based, health checks per year, and evidence based, preventive programmes that deliver results!

How to find the right employee health program

Included in Healthy Workforce:

Engage your people in health


Communications and engagement designed to drive health improvement, tailored for your business and targeted for your people.

Health Metrics That Matter


Self-service health checks using our high impact, immersive, medical grade health stations. Over 3 million health checks completed worldwide!

‘Healthy Me’


Online hub, available 24/7, assessing mental, social and lifestyle risk. Individuals can view their results, receive recommendations and access evidence based, health improvement plans.

Best-in-Class Reporting and Analytics


Detailed workplace health reporting and insights including industry benchmarking, health change over time and productivity savings.

Industry Benchmarking


Generated from more than 500,000 health station checks, across 63 industries, our health benchmarking is calculated from the world’s largest, real-time, machine measured pool of de-identified employee health metrics.

How Mondelez enables its employees to “own their health”

Mondelez International (‘Mondelez’) is one of the largest snack companies in the world, employing around 80,000 people across more than 80 countries.


The SISU Health Platform has been used by almost 4,000 Mondelez employees in 17 sites across its Australian and UK operations,  completing 11,000 health checks and enabling them to “own their health”.  With an overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +71, it’s evident that Mondelez’s diverse workforce trusts and values the SiSU Health Platform.


Brenton Cahill, Mondelez’s Commercial Health, Safety & Environment Manager for Mondelez ANZ for Australia describes the positive health and productivity impacts of the SiSU Health Platform for its Australian workforce in this video.

Commonwealth Bank and CBHS Health Hubs

A benchmark for workplace health & wellbeing programs.

Health Hubs are a joint initiative between Commonwealth Bank and CBHS to empower staff and provide them with easy access to health checks and onsite technology, coaching and information to allow them to manage and improve their health.  With a focus on access, high participation and measurable results, Health Hubs are a benchmark for workplace health and wellbeing programs. The SiSU Health Station is a central component of the Hub on which more than 15,000 staff have completed 40,000 health checks.

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