Top tips: Making 2022 a positive and healthy start

Have you ever tried giving up smoking, alcohol or junk food in an attempt to improve your health? While setting health goals are superb, we often focus too much on giving something up rather than making positive resolutions to start.

Here’s some top tips on how to set some positive goals and make 2022 the year for focusing on your health:

Quit the negativity

Let’s look at the following goal: ‘I’m going to quit all sugar and quit eating all bad foods’. This phrase uses three negative words and immediately makes you think about denial, and restriction, rather than a positive change. As our minds tend to focus more on negative rather than positive words, the overall feeling about this goal will be negative. Negative feelings towards your goal ultimately means you’ll be less likely to achieve it.

Also, you’ve probably realised that as soon as we’re told we can’t or mustn’t have something, we think about and want this thing even more.

Reframe your goals

So, how can you make a negative goal into a positive one? A good step is to start by thinking about what you really want to achieve. If you’re thinking about cutting out sugar, what is your end goal? Is it to lose weight? Feel more energised? Have better digestion? Try to focus your goals around the end result with a positive angle. So, you could change the goal of ‘quitting sugar’ to ‘I’m going to prepare myself healthy snacks each day to boost my energy’.

Remember, a negative mind will not produce positive results.

Written by Ruth Tongue
(MSc Nutrition)