Staying healthy and mindful over the holidays

Over the festive period, we often find ourselves overindulging in food and alcohol and our routines can often be disrupted with busy social calendars. Today we some tips to help your health stay on track during the holiday season.

Try to avoid sitting down all-day.

As tempting as it is to stay seated for hours on end during family lunches and other events, set a reminder to stretch the legs or start a sports game outside after lunch or dinner. Exercising promotes healthy digestion, helping you to feel less bloated and comfortable. Just remember to give your body time to digest before undertaking intense physical activity to ensure you do not experience reflux, heartburn or nausea. If you are unsure or feeling bloated, simply try yoga, tai chi or some light stretches with your friends and family.

Go easy on the alcohol.

For many, the holiday season can mean consuming much more alcohol than usual which can take a toll on our bodies. Try to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and to stay mindful of whether you are drinking alcohol simply because of thirst. Ensure you always have a glass of water or a water bottle nearby to ensure you are staying well hydrated.

Enjoy in moderation.

Remind yourself to enjoy your favourite holiday foods in moderation. When enjoying festive meals, be mindful of overconsumption by watching your portion sizes and focusing on nourishing foods that will keep you satisfied for longer. The holiday season can also mean plenty of snacks, platters and dessert, so remember to snack wisely and to take your time.

Try to keep to your sleep routine.

Sleep is crucial to maintaining good health. High quality sleep, particularly through the holiday season can be a challenge due to stress and irregular routines. Try your best to stay on top of your sleep routine by setting bed-time reminders and morning alarms so you stay well-rested and don’t suffer from fatigue during the holiday break.


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