Acne and Breakouts

If you suffer with acne and breakouts, you may find that things seem to be worse in the summer.  The mix of sweat, sunscreen and dehydration could all be contributing to your increased breakouts.

Top Tips

  1. Wash your face regularly, particularly to remove the oil, sweat and grime.  But don’t overdo it, as too much washing and scrubbing may irritate your skin.
  2. During the summer months, switch to lighter moisturisers or a more water-based sunscreen to help prevent clogged pores.
  3. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and eat a healthy diet to help reduce the production of excess oil and toxins in the body, which may contribute to your acne.
  4. We have all had to get used to wearing masks over the last few months which can aggravate the skin.  So if you’re having to wear a mask, ensure it is clean and change it regularly.
  5. If you’re experiencing acne and struggling to get it under control, visit your GP or a dermatologist.
  6. If your doctor has prescribed a medication for your acne, make sure you persevere and give it time to work.

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