Why exercising isn’t just about weight loss

Everyone’s always talking about how exercising is the key to weight loss, however, there are many other reasons why exercising is at the core of healthy living.

Here are four top reasons why you should stay active:

Heart health

Studies have found that exercise programmes lead to muscle and bone adaptations that improve the way fat and sugar are handled in the body, greater blood flow, reduced blood pressure, improved blood fat profiles as well as reductions in the inflammatory markers that are linked to heart disease.

Bone health

Exercise is vital for healthy bones at every age – the best form of exercise must be weight-bearing. This means anything from walking, jogging, weight training, playing tennis or even tai chi can help.

Mental health

One of the quickest benefits of exercise to experience is the increase in mood. In fact, a recent study found that short bursts of just five minutes of exercise each hour increased mood more than a longer session of thirty minutes.

Protect yourself from coughs and colds

It is proven that regular, moderate exercise helps to increase immunity so you’ll be less likely to pick up infections like stomach bugs, colds, mouth ulcers and throat infections.

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