Employee health

Improve employee health with what matters.


Employee Assistance Programs are your gateway to engaging and improving the health, outlook and productivity of your workforce.


SiSU Health Group is a leading provider of employee health programs; the key resource to measure, track and improve the health of your business. We provide a simple way to understand and improve the health of your employees, whilst receiving guidance and support along your journey to better health management.


Not only do we provide you with our award-winning health solution, but we can also work alongside your other Employee Assistance Program providers to bring your workplace the ultimate employee health experience.

Fact: 87% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer when engaged.


We’ve delivered over 2.8 Million Health Checks by 1,000,000 unique individuals.



85% of SiSU Health Station users rate the experience 8+ out of 10, giving an NPS of +64 from over 265,000 ratings.A key indicator that our customers love our service!



Our SiSU Health Stations are located across Australia, the UK and Europe in retail and corporate environments. Our goal is to have a SiSU Health Station accessible within 5km’s of everyone – providing preventative health measures at scale.


Evidence based

All our content draws on evidence-based research or peak health body guidance. Our SiSU Health Station itself is a ISO13485 medically certified device.

We’ve partnered with more than 100 organisations across Australia, UK, and Europe, to deliver an employee health management platform that is engaging, trusted, accessible and evidence based.

How are Employee Health Program works


Our Employee Health Platform is globally unique.


Research has shown that employee productivity falls by 2.4% for every health risk, resulting in $2,300 in lost productivity, per employee, per annum (based on Australian average salary), let alone sickness, presenteeism and absenteeism costs. Engage and activate your employees with our unique and powerful offering.


Employee Health Programs improve:

  • Productivity
  • Engagement & morale
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism
  • Employee Retention
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Innovation

SiSU Global Industry Health Benchmarking Analysis

The world’s largest, real-time pool of de-identified, machine-measured employee health metrics to benchmark your organisation.

Currently comprising our customers based on the below;

413,643 SiSU Health Checks generated from:

  • 1,210 SiSU Health Station installations
  • 425 Organisations
  • 12 Sectors
  • 25 Industry Groups
  • 55 Industries
  • 4 Countries

SiSU Health Station

SiSU Portal

SiSU Portal

Company Health Profile

Data and analysis

Our employee health targeting spans across 18 categories; gender, age, pregnancy status, BMI, body fat, medication use, blood pressure, heart rate, smoking status, health score, heart age, diabetes risk, GP referral status, location, lifestyle factors and loyalty membership.


Health assessment 

We have designed 48 Questions on a range of health-related issues that takes 8-minutes to complete to further aid in assessing your employee’s health and wellbeing. These questions in combination with the results of the Health Check on a SiSU Health Station give our users their SiSU Lifestyle Score.

Online SiSU Portal

All users have access to our online SiSU Portal. The SiSU Portal gives members access to their Health Check results history, the Health Risk Assessment, Lifestyle Score, Programs & Plans and Health Library.


Personalised support programs

We provide personalised support programs to our customers based on their results and personal preference. We offer evidence-based programs; 12-Week program, personalised meal and exercise plans.



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