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Employee Assistance Programs support your teams


Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are designed to work cohesively across your company. Identifying and selecting the right EAP provider is specific to each company, their employee health strategy and goals. SiSU Health Group cares about your employees, and we are here to connect your health strategy to measurable actions within and throughout your business.


We service ALL of Australia, the UK, Ireland and Germany with a flexible, discrete and accessible employee health program for busy employees across your business.

Do Employee Assistance Programs really work?


Employee Assistance Programs have been shown to contribute to decreased absenteeism, reduced accidents and fewer workers’ compensation claims, greater employee retention, fewer labour disputes, and significantly reduced medical costs arising from the early identification and treatment of individual lifestyle disease.


Although our Employee Assistance Program keeps employee identities confidential, you receive a participation and employee health report showing the frequency and results around your company health risks. These reports help you determine if you are effectively disseminating information about your Employee Assistance Program, identify the common issues afflicting your workforce, and reveal whether you are getting your money’s worth.


Employee Assistance Program
EAP understanding

How to select the right Employee Assistance Program 


There are some key fundamentals that need to be considered when selected you EAP provider:


Employee Health Strategy: It is always important to develop a holistic plan that meets the requirements of your employee health strategy.

Reach: Understand the reach of the EAP, ensure it is accessible for junior to executive-level employees, with the same offering and benefits.

Measurable: Ensure there are tangible measurements available for reporting purposes.

Return on investment: Understand how you will identify the saving over the course of the EAP.

Prevention is better than cure


We help employees before they need face-to-face support, and also identify when they need to seek further medical advice in managing their health risks. We help your workplace to become a happier, healthier and more productive place to be.



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EAP Success

How to achieve Employee Assistance Program Success


SiSU Health Group are here to help you.

We not only provide full EAP services but also a range of sustainable lifestyle programs to help your employees self-manage their wellbeing for the better. The SiSU Portal provides members access to evidence-based tools to build their stress resilience, improve their sleep and more, helping them cope before they become overwhelmed.



Already have your Employee Assistance Program provider?


SiSU Health Group not only provides the full EAP solution but can work alongside other EAP providers to ensure you have the most holistic approach to employee health. Ask us today about how we can integrate across your business.


Employee Assistance Programs