‘Own Your Health’ at Co-op thanks to SiSU Wellness

We care about you and your health and we are now working with the Co-op Group to put your health back in your hands! Our SiSU Health Stations are now in selected Co-op Supermarkets for a 6 month pilot.

As part of the ‘self-care revolution’ the Co-op is launching SiSU Health Stations at local Co-op food stores in the Green Quarter, Springfields, Vimto Gardens, Withington, Royton and Mossley

The installation of SiSU Health Stations is aimed at tackling obesity and reduce the number of heart attacks in Manchester. Customers can stop by their local Co-op, and use the SiSU Health Station to record their weight and height and measure their blood pressure, body fat percentage, body composition, heart rate and heart age. Free additional support is available to all users on the SiSU Portal, providing digital advice on how to improve your health whether that that’s through an exercise plan or healthy eating plan.

Co-op Health Pharmacy Superintendent, Rachel Clarke stated that, “by tapping into the local community we are aiming to change people’s behaviour towards health. There is so much opportunity for us to find innovative ways to help tackle important health issues in our towns and cities and this is just the start.”

“So much of NHS resources goes into tackling preventable diseases, we want to empower people to have more control over their health and this is the first step in that journey” said Clarke.

“It is our mission to empower a healthier humanity by enabling people to measure, track and improve their health through a global network of free, self-serve SiSU Health Stations and ongoing support programs. We hope Co-op customers are empowered by this initiative provided to make healthier choices” said Managing Director and Founder of SiSU Wellness, Dr. Noel Duncan.

Own your health, start your SiSU Journey with a Free Health Check at your local Co-op today!