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Our reporting capabilities are leading edge and provide detailed analysis and tracking of your employee health over time. We break down the five key health risks so you can understand and correctly interpret your Company Health Summary.

Our Company Health Summary report reviews your SISU Health Station activity, organisational health profile, Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis, Global Industry Benchmarking, Productivity Cost analysis, Member satisfaction and any additional custom insights added to your SiSU Health Station.


SiSU Health Station Activity Summary

This presents your general SiSU Health Station activity, it identifies how many Health Checks were completed, how many repeat members completed Health Checks, the gender breakdown and the frequency of the Health Checks over your installation period.

SiSU Health Station Activity







Organisational Health Profile

Your Organisation Health Profile covers all tests taken through a Health Check on a SiSU Health Station. It covers blood pressure, body fat percentage, smoking, diabetes risk, body mass index and heart age and breaks it down by gender.

If you optimise your SiSU Health Station and add custom questions to the experience, that include asking what department your employees are from, you can also break down each health risk by department.

Organisational Health Profile


Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis

Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis™ (“LEA”) presents a profile of the net health change in the repeat Members cohort through comparison of their initial and most recent measurement for each key health metric.

Health metrics currently included in the LEA are:

  • Average risks per health check (out of 5)
  • Blood pressure risk prevalence and rating
  • Body fat percentage risk prevalence and rating
  • Smoking prevalence
  • BMI risk prevalence and rating
  • Weight change (kg)


Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis™


SiSU Global Industry Benchmarking

The world’s largest, real-time pool of de-identified, machine-measured employee health metrics to benchmark your organisation.
Currently comprising:

  • 413,643 SiSU Health Checks generated from:
  • 1,210 SiSU Health Station installations
  • 425 Organisations
  • 12 Sectors
  • 25 Industry Groups
  • 55 Industries
  • 4 Countries


SiSU Global Industry Benchmarking


Productivity Cost Analysis

Research from Burton et al (2005) measured the impact of employee health risk factors on self-reported worker productivity. The results indicated each health risk factor reported was associated with a reduction of 2.4% in productivity.

Applying these findings to the average number of health risks recorded by SiSU Health Station members provides an estimate of the cost of health-related lost productivity.

Productivity Cost Analysis


Member Satisfaction

NPS is a globally recognised method for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. The metric was developed by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Co. At its core, the Net Promoter Score tracks how customers represent a company to their friends, families and associates. The NPS is calculated by subtracting the total % of Detractors (scores 0-6) from the total % of Promoters (scores 9-10). Passives (scores 7-8) are excluded from the calculation.

SiSU Member Satisfaction