banking employee health

Why you should Bank on good health

The Banking sector spans across a long array of services which handle cash, credit and other financial transactions. Such an industry is a critical driver in many western economies and as such Banking has a large workforce behind these operations. Employee health in the Banking industry is quite demanding on their workforce; sedentary desk-based roles, extended hours, firm deadlines, high workloads and pressure to perform not just for the company but on behalf of their customers. A study on banking employee health had found that 67% of participants had some form of chronic disease; 31% with hypertension, 28% with diabetes, 27% with back and joint pain, 19% with depression and 13% with insomnia (Kumar, Unnikrishnan and Nagaraj, 2013).

Ill health and sub-optimal health curb the effect on an employee’s ability to perform at an optimal capacity. Every employee who experiences an ailment due to poor health will see their productivity and presenteeism decrease. For working environments that expect results with stressful restraints on their employees, it is vital to understand the effects health can play on the success and outputs of the company.

How have SiSU Health Group made an impact?

SiSU Health Group has conducted over 115,000 Health Checks within the Banking industry. Operating in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland across 115 SiSU Health Station installations. We have uncovered several trends within this sector that highlight the importance of and need for health and wellbeing initiatives. Across our measures of blood pressure, body fat, body mass index, diabetes risk and smoking cessation, 14% of blood pressure checks had reported being at high risk, 52% of body fat results were at high risk, 59% of body mass index results were at high risk, 16% of diabetes tests were at high risk and 9% were smokers.

SiSU Health Group has provided world-leading analytical insights to our clients, enabling detailed tracking of health trends across multifaceted businesses, globally. By identifying health risks to not only the individual but also the company, correct health messaging, targeting and initiatives can be developed and implemented. We have seen across the Banking industry; our clients have reduced their blood pressure prevalence risk by 33%, reduced their body mass index risk by 3% and decreased the number of smokers by 18%. We have also recorded a net weight loss of 3,674kg across our Banking clients.

What you can do to improve employee health

By correctly identifying and tracking your health risks as a company, you can increase not only the productivity of your workforce, by your presenteeism and engagement of staff throughout the business. SiSU Health Group helps you engage your team across the entire company; from c suite to entry-level positions. If you are looking for more innovative and confidential ways to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff, speak to a SiSU Consultant today.

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