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When performance matters in Technology

The world as we know it is built around technology, just about everything we do and consume has been through a technology touchpoint at some point in time. From the train you caught to work today, to the platform you use for invoicing, technology surrounds us, it makes our lives easier and is forever adapting. Technology in itself is a massive global industry, and with that comes a large number of skilled workers that fall within this industry.

Our daily lives would not flow the same if we took technology away, in the modern world, we rely on it. But behind all these wonderful platforms, prosses and products, are millions of employees dedicating 1/3 of their life to their work in tech.

A study on 1000 professionals within the Technology industry found that around 56% had musculoskeletal symptoms, 22% had newly diagnosed hypertension, 10% had diabetes, 36% had dyslipidemia, 54% had depression, anxiety and insomnia, and 40% had obesity (1). The conclusion of this study found that early diagnosis of stress-induced health problems can be made out by stress scores, intense lifestyle modification, diet advice along with psychological counselling to reduce the incidence of health problems within the technology sector and improve the quality of the workforce.

SiSU Health Group has conducted over 24,000 Health Checks within the technology industry. A Health Check on a SiSU Health Station measures blood pressure, body mass index, body composition, heart rate, heart age and diabetes risk. The results from these 24,000 plus Health Checks have shown some alarming results, with 62.5% of employees having high BMI and 54.4% of employees having a high body fat percentage. These results show a trend towards the increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. We have also seen 17.2% of these employees record high blood pressure readings and 12.2% are smokers, which increases the risk of additional lifestyle diseases even further.

Our Employee Health Program has shown great improvements in employee health for many businesses. From over 1,800 employees within the Technology industry who have completed more than one Health Check on a SiSU Health Station, we have seen a 27.6% reduction in blood pressure prevalence, 0.5% reduction in BMI, 23.4% reduction in smokers and a collective net weight loss of 176.7kg.

Prevention is the key to lifestyle disease, and there is a clear trend towards the need to provide health education and awareness to employees. Protect the ones that keep your business running, help your employees manage their health for the better. Speak to a SiSU Health Consultant today to transform the health of your workforce.



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