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Employee Health Success: MLC Life Insurance

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At the heart of everything they do, MLC Life Insurance protects its customers and employees. The team behind MLC Life Insurance are prized as a most valuable asset to the leading insurance company. True to their company-wide promise, MLC Life Insurance provided their employees with an award-winning employee health program to ensure their team can perform at their best.

Together with SiSU Health Group, MLC Life Insurance has empowered their staff to own their health. Bringing the self-service SiSU Health Station to three MLC Life Insurance offices for two months, SiSU Health Group provided over 1,000 Health Checks to MLC Life Insurance employees. The health activation was enthusiastically received by employees across the board, with an impressive engagement rate of 53%.

Such success was attributed to their People Leaders who actively embraced the employee health program. Encouraging regular Health Checks by their staff, initiating walking meetings and participating in weekly park runs together. Although their health journey with SiSU is just beginning, there was a drop in high blood pressure prevalence by 40% and a net change in smokers by 18%.

Supported by their Wise and Well Committee, MLC Life Insurance is set to take on the new year with a healthy approach. Not only are MLC Life Insurance creating a culture for better health for their employees, but they are also doing it as a team.

“We loved having the SiSU Health Stations come to MLC Life Insurance, it was such a successful initiative. Our employees embraced the Program and we have seen fabulous results and engagement across the business”

– MLC Life Insurance


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