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How important should data be in your health and wellbeing decision

Today there are many employee wellbeing incentives that companies can take part in or outlay an investment for, but are they making the difference that is needed? Communal fruit bowls, ping pong tables and morning teas for social awareness days paint a great picture of engaging staff by providing additional benefits, but this spend on consumables, although some better than others, is it helping make the changes needed for the health of your business?

Providing measurable employee health initiatives is what human resources and health and wellbeing managers should be striving towards. Ask yourself the big questions, such as what is the cost of ill health to our company? How can a wellness culture change our company, and what can we achieve when employees are more engaged?

Effective health programs should always be measurable and provide value, after all, you’re investing your budget and need to report back to the senior executives and the board to show the ROI and results, monitoring different points of engagement to identify the effects on your employees. The trust between employees and employers can vary enormously from business to business and industry to industry – health and wellbeing programs are greeted by emotions ranging from appreciation to outright suspicion. It is essential that an employer clearly articulates to employees why they are running a program and how the data is used and managed. An effective health program will help develop measurable lifestyle changes, providing you with a happier workforce and results you’ll be delighted to share with the whole organisation!

In Australia, we spend $61.8 billion on work-related injuries and disease (Safe Work Australia, 2015), with $480 million of workers compensation paid each year for work-related mental health disorders (Safe Work Australia, 2019). The need for effective and measurable employee health programs is growing. We have seen a growing trend in companies investing in solutions that deliver more definitive evidence of positive impact, over time, “show me the DATA – and show it to me over multiple years”.

SiSU Health Group helps companies by identifying the health risks within their business, breaking down the health risks to a dollar value cost to the company by identifying what is affecting your workforce productivity, presenteeism and absenteeism. Together with SiSU Health Group, companies can accurately identify the areas that are suffering and why. SiSU Health Group provides the tools and analytical approach to monitor and communicate with your staff.

Engage every employee in your organisation, not just c-level staff, with an employee health initiative that makes a difference. SiSU Health Group has saved our Australian clients $1.3 million collectively each year, not only helping improve company cultures but delivering outputs thanks to real-time, machine measured data, free of subjectivity approach to employee health.

Make an impact and engage your employees in their health, speak to SiSU Health Group today, the experts on tailored health solutions.


About SiSU Health Group

SiSU Health Group provides a holistic solution for your next health and wellbeing strategy. We provide our flagship product, the SiSU Health Station, to your workplace providing automated Health Checks that measures your biometrics of blood pressure, body composition, body mass index, heart rate, heart age, weight and height, with other additional tests and insight available such as a Stress Awareness test. We also provide free lifestyle programs, meal and activity planners and an online health risk assessment. We provide personalised recommendations based on your health results, allowing you to monitor your health journey through the SiSU Portal. The SiSU Portal is a secure online hub that individuals use to track their health.

We provide our clients are an insightful, deidentifiable employee health report based on the health results of their employees who engage with the SiSU Health Station at their workplace. We allow our clients to ask further health-based questions of their staff, tailor their communications and work together to help build a healthier workplace and culture.

Ask us today for more information on our Employee Health Program, Corporate Challenge or SiSU Specialist.



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