FMCG health trends

Health trends in the FMCG industry

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is one of the most exciting and vastly growing industries globally. Companies behind some of the most notable brands; Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Mars and Leggo’s have very diverse and broad departments that span across many different fields.

SiSU Health Group works with several large FMCG companies to help support their staff, who work around the clock to produce and deliver quality, loved products around the world. It can be a difficult task managing the health and expectations of thousands of people across many different business units, but that’s where we can provide exceptional support from the factory & warehouse to c-level employees. By mapping employee health trends businesses can monitor their lost productivity, sick leave and work cover numbers and retention rates.

Employee health is vital to business success; healthy employees equal high task engagement, increased outputs, less sick leave, better presenteeism and longer retention. Not to mention, healthy employees lead to lesser workplace injuries and are less of a risk to your company. SiSU Health has provided over 51,800 Health Checks to employees within the FMCG industry, producing some interesting trends in workforce health.

Companies classified within FMCG as an industry, have seen concerning figures around body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. 63.9% of Health Checks recorded high BMI, and 52.3% recorded a high body fat percentage. The critical trends towards results such as these are the development of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. We also found that 18.4% reported high blood pressure and 13.8% were smokers.

How has SiSU Health Group helped?

By empowering our clients to measure their employee health with medical accuracy over time, we open the door to change. We have helped employees within the FMCG industry lose a net weight of 1,098.7kg and drop high blood pressure prevalence by 29.5%. We have also seen a 17.2% drop in smokers, which is another fabulous win for employee health.

Understanding where your health risks lay as a company is the first step towards making sustainable change. Together we can map a health strategy which is tailored towards not only your health risks but also to your employee’s preferences. Discover more with our Additional Insights capabilities which allow you to ask your staff what they would like to see, the activities they’re enjoying in your current health offering, or what is not working. Ask us for more information about our Employee Health Program.


What is your company doing for Safe Work Month this October?

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