Case Study: Darent Valley Hospital

Engaging staff and patrons within healthcare.

Alleviating and educating multiple audiences through meaningful health metrics.

Occupational health departments have a key role to play in keeping staff physically and emotionally well and at work. A good quality occupational health service can help the NHS become more productive, reduce sickness absence and save money. Whilst Occupational health teams provide an effective service they have limited reach and time when it comes to more proactive wellness initiatives.

Darent Valley Hospital approached SiSU Health Group following a discussion at an event in London. SiSU Health provided the innovative SiSU Health Station that is extensively used in the corporate and retail sectors.

The SiSU Health Station has become an essential tool for engaging staff, visitors and patients and provides the occupational health department with quality health data. This has freed up time in the occupational health department for more labour-intensive health and wellbeing initiatives whilst extending their reach to a wider population.

Darent Valley Hospital has been using the SiSU Health Station for two years and it has proved a very valuable asset to allow staff particularly, but also visitors and patients to measure and track their health.

The SiSU Health Station at Darent Valley Hospital has completed over 19,000 Health Checks over the past few years and 1,650 staff regularly use the SiSU Health Station, many weekly. Staff highly value the SiSU Health Station (as indicated by the current NPS score of +74) as a tool to manage their health and it has become a key part of Darent Valley Hospital’s Occupational Health offering and an important feature in the hospital.

‘The SiSU Health Station has allowed us to follow trends and look at supportive measures we can put into place with us not having to do the groundwork, it is a must for any organisation wishing to assist their staff with health and wellbeing goals, the service and follow up we get from the SiSU Health Station helps with reporting and health and wellbeing statistics.’


“I use the SiSU Health Station, it is a really useful machine to have. We as staff have no excuse for not using it as it is readily available and can be used on a regular basis as and when you require to use it, the bits I found useful were the Heart Rate and Heart Age (that made me think and want to keep it as young as I could) and the weight. As NHS staff I feel that we should all do our bit to keeping ourselves as healthy as we can”
– Nurse, Darent Valley Hospital.