5 ways to start the year off productively

Are you personally finding it difficult readjusting back into your usual work routine? Before you can create positive change for your team, you need to ensure you are showing up for yourself and managing your stress and motivational charge. Follow these 5 simple tips to help to transition out of vacation mode and back into work-mode.

1. Ease your way back into work

Make a to-do list of everything that you need to achieve and prioritise these accordingly. If you can start with the older tasks you had not finished prior to your holiday, it will help create a sense of normality. It is always best to focus on tasks that you know how to do and require the least amount of time. A gentle approach in returning to work will help knock off the smaller and easier tasks and boost your confidence.

2. Bring a reminder of your holiday back home with you

Psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsy suggests that souveniers are a fabulous and personal momento that can remind you of the importance of taking a break and that it is okay to enjoy life. It can help to put up some pictures or change your desktop background to the beach or mountains you just spent a week at.

3. Interact with others, even if you’re not motivated to

Break the post-holiday blues and share what you did on vacation with your colleagues. Even better yet, ask them what they did, how they found the experience, the highlights if they would return and do it again. You will be surprised how sharing some simple stories can bring you and your team together.

4. Come to work with a new perspective

Sometimes time away from a project or situation can provide a new perspective. It can be beneficial to review your difficult project and see if you have a new perspective or solution when you look at it with fresh eyes. Be open to the opportunity that you may feel differently or have a new approach.

5. Take breaks throughout the day

Jumping straight back into full work mode can send you back on the train to burnout. You should not let guilt force you into believing you must work yourself tirelessly because you had a vacation. You should have a balance. Be kind to yourself and remember you earnt your vacation. Take a five-minute break every three hours to relax and decompress, this will help in keeping you focused also.