Understanding the No.1 contributing risk factor for global health

High blood pressure can have no symptoms, so it’s important to get regular checks and understand your blood pressure measurements, especially as raised blood pressure is reported to claim more than 10 million lives yearly1.

SiSU Health is celebrating May Measurement Month, a global initiative to spread awareness of blood pressure (BP) and the risks of hypertension, by encouraging all members to measure their blood pressure at their nearest health station.

The SiSU Health Station is a medical device which accurately measures blood pressure using an upper left arm cuff and seating position, that aligns with the World Health Organisation’s global best practice.

So far, almost 3 million blood pressure checks have been undertaken by more than 1.3 million Australians on the SiSU Health Station, and with results stored on the Health Portal, members can see how their blood pressure results change over time.

Discover your blood pressure numbers today, with a free health check!

1. https://maymeasure.com/