Why clean makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes are a girl’s best friend! Keeping them clean not only improves makeup application but also has a number of skin health benefits. 

Dirty brushes are stuff nightmares are made of when you take a good look at what this actually means. Product build up, dead skin cells, dust, bacteria, oil are just some of the nasties clinging to your dirty makeup brush and sponge. If left to fester and you continue to use the brush, this can have a damaging effect on your skin.

The beauty of clean brushes

Regularly cleaning your brushes will help to avoid:

  • Acne and breakouts

  • Skin irritations

  • Bacterial and viral infections

  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye

  • Clogged pores

  • Wrinkles (yes even wrinkles!)

In addition to the above skin benefits, cleaning your brush will also keep them soft, reducing abrasive damage caused to your face. Clean brushes last longer saving you money in the long run. Your makeup application is also improved when your brushes are clean. Colour can be applied more precisely and less product build up will avoid a streaky look!

How to clean your brush

Your brushes should be cleaned every fortnight in order to keep them germ free. Use a baby or brush shampoo for a thorough clean. Shampoo will remove product build up as well as any oil, germs and dirt. It is best not to use a regular adult shampoo however as this may be too harsh and cause damage to your brush. Try not to submerge the brush handle in water and only wet the bristles. Wet handles may cause swelling and cracking of the wood along with other unwanted damage. Once washed, try to remould the bristles back into their original shape. Lay your brush flat or upside down to dry. If your brush is left to dry upright, excess water drips down into the base and can lead to bristles falling out. Avoid trying to speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer, this can change the shape and cause damage to the bristles.


Written by Perri Simon

SiSU Wellness Nutritionist